Dee’s Pantry Recipes

Do you know I’ve more than #1? There’s a lot more Pantry for you if you look at the series. Do you have pitted Kalamata olives? Good olive oil, garlic, peperoncini and rosemary? Marinate it.

I spent two months doing my first series on cookbooks and pantry items. I was so scared of writing off the cuff all I did was research. It is a niche blog, unmonetized, and I’ve nearly 80K readers.

If you’re really interested in cooking, please check out my cookbook selections and my pantry/related recipes. There is much to read and absorb and the pantry collection is for safety and convenience.

Now I am glad to be old and wise and make something to clean out frig and pantry. Frugal, no, really. I have the best, but no saffron. I get the best olive oil and “make” my olives, save good bacon fat to make rosti potatoes, and put some good local cheese between two dry-sauteed flour tortillas for a quesadilla with a bit of salsa and some sliced avocado.

Cooking requires some thinking outside the box. Cheers, Dee


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