Mock Dog Olympics

The results of the first events are in, more to follow. As an early event surprise our friend Jake was named all-around Champion for his trusting nature, good spirit and being a great all-around dog. Go, Jake!

I’m now interviewing Wendy who has received the Gold for Jumping. She takes her sport to a new level. She loves her walks and spending time jumping on other dogs. What a pup!

Roger was interviewed earlier today and his dad translated for him as he speaks Dog and there are few translators on site today as it is early in the Competition. His dad said he won the Gold for “dog most likely to need a bath.” All hail Roger. As your friendly DOG correspondent, I can say that Roger looked wonderful (and smelled so) and I can’t imagine why he won in that category. Perhaps he’s up for others as well and is looking for an all-around medal. We’ll look for that in the week ahead as we continue our coverage.

Another dog, was it mine? Her name is Zoe and she won the Gold for Sleeping. Even at six weeks of age she slept eight hours a night. Now she’s up to about 20 hours a day and ran with it. Er, slept with it. Yeah, you go girl!

The Fastest Dog was not established because the Silken Windhound was unable to be off leash for the trials. Olivia did, however, win the Gold for Best Collar.

More from the Mock Dog Olympics as the Games continue. Remember to tune in to DOG for more info. Your on-site correspondent, Dee

p.s. There will be posthumous honors at the end. Like the legacy awards at the Oscars, they will include but not be limited to Chani, Gigi, Makai, Barney, Woody, Banquo, and many others……


One response to “Mock Dog Olympics

  1. More information here, Wurli has won Gold in the “Best Dog Music Video” arena. Congratulations! Well done. That’s it for now. Back to you, Bud.

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