Old Friends

Not that she was a friend, but my mother passed nearly six years ago. I dream about her nearly every night.

A dear college friend passed recently who I remember vividly for him hijacking me from class just to hear Shattered by the Rolling Stones. Three times. Then he brought me back to class and we were friends for over 30 years. No one else I know can spend three hours on the phone talking about the loves of his life, especially an ex-girlfriend from college and no, it’s not me.

As we age, we, our family and friends decline in health. I’d like to think my mind is sharp and I love my husband and dog and want to take care of both. Some days I think I have to tour the east coast just to visit grave sites of the friends I’ve loved.

Annapolis (the Captain who married us), West Point and everywhere lie the remains of good friends. Permit me to share with you that while I cannot visit the tree presently that was planted in my old dog’s memory I’ve seen it on Google Earth. It is happy and growing and has a small piece of her last tennis ball at the bottom of the hole they dug to plant it over 12 years ago.

I try to keep in touch. Right now an old friend and mentor needs me and I need to be there. The college friend who put me in touch with my Rolling Stone fan friend will be there to help me out on the visit.

Keep in touch with your family and friends. We have so many ways to do that nowadays. Years ago I thought blogging was new and cool. I don’t tweet and only hit Facebook about twice a year. I love writing. Right now I feel I’m letting you into my life while you think about letting me into yours. Hug! Dee


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