Deja Vu

all over again, ha ha. For years I’ve taken care of pets for free, a sort of barter system for the past ten years. The first time I did this I probably did 1,000 dog visits and got one in return. Some barter system as everyone was busy or away for the weekend. I should have made it a business.

Second time went OK because we were friends and exchanged dinners and/or got gift bags and became hooked on Pro Bars and especially SmartWool socks. I miss those gals and their pup.

Now we’re entering phase one again. My husband is away on business, herding dog of 10+ years is at my side and I thought I was going to die. I contacted my doctor. Thirty hours later his practice finally called and said he no longer takes a major insurance provider and that they can get me in ten days from now with someone else.

I said I’d heal myself (I am doing so), go to the emergency room, or die at home alone and leave a note blaming them. And no, they don’t get the dog. This woman, instead of saying “have a nice day” actually said “have a nice nap.” Yes, it was nice to finally get an hour’s sleep. Please forgive me for reporting these medical professionals through the appropriate channels.

The thing is that both my husband and I, and even our dog, see the good in people (and dogs) and trust them until they cannot be trusted. If that is a weakness, let me die having that weakness. The moment I become a bigot or a hater is the moment I cease to live anyways.

Last night with my legs swelled up twice their size I asked God to let me live because I’ve still more of His work to do here. I do not believe in organized religion but believe in God and know he sends me places for reasons. Sometimes I figure them out, sometimes not. Hey, I’m alive and now have to go because the dog just vomited all of today’s food under the dining room table. She even trusts old dead stuff she scarfs up in the park! I just know that when I’m sick no-one comforts me or takes Zoe out. I just get the strength to make it work and go on with life. Dee



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