In The End

one only has oneself to answer to. At hospice I would hope that my husband would visit, hold my hand, make sure the pain meds were on track then let me go and dispose of me as I wish, so I must make that clear as must you.

I mean, if he can’t take care of the dog, there are none on my side of the family and on his they either get run over by trucks or live outside with farm animals and don’t sleep in our bed. He’d have to get a permanent sitter or trophy wife.

In the end I hope that WordPress spends more time helping writers get through the tech stuff instead of helping tech-savvy people get extra credit because you write their posts.

In the end I wish that no animals are euthanized for lack of a good home and that people can be euthanized if they wish it and they are severely ill with no hope of recovery.

I hope that every family loves their children and brings them up to be educated, healthy and look towards college and a great career.

Any situation calls for humor, patience, trust and grace. I’ll leave my desk now lest my dear mother-in-law’s advice (she’s a nurse) is not taken. Lay down, dear and keep your feet above your heart. Bless hers, and yours and I’m not dying yet, so you don’t have to sign on now or worry about me. I’ve a trifle to make Wednesday for a party and a pup to take out this week. Most is well except my husband is off on business and dogma and I miss him, Dee


2 responses to “In The End

  1. I can’t tell you how many clients have asked Why can’t it be this easy for humans? after I invite them to stay when we usher their pet over the Rainbow Bridge…
    Anxiously awaiting to hear how your next adventure lines up!
    (& while I’m generally NOT a nagger, I nagged P into colonoscopy consult next wk – he lost his uncle at UNripe age of 52 & 2 wks ago our neighbor lost her husband at only 58! Sounds younger all the time)

    • My love is gone to the coast for who knows how long but he’s never changed a diaper. Imagine a life with that (don’t read this, Z). When we adopted Zoe over ten years ago I made him promise he’d be there at the end, we’d make the decision together and both be with her. He’s really squeamish about this now as a friend I care for, a Golden her age, only has weeks to live because of bone cancer.

      Zoe is remarkably healthy. Don’t get me going on the South African runner who killed his girlfriend. Everyone will be running to the vet to have their dog’s hips taken out so they lead a long and healthy life, like doggie botox. We could make a franchise of this, you get 49%……. xoxo

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