At least one person I knew thought perhaps I had a chance to rise and be mediocre. Others, including me, thought I could do better.

No, you won’t know my name from the newspapers or other media. I create change on my own and someone else takes credit for it. It’s kind of like the Spiderman or Batman sidekick. Spiderman I’m the Aunt, in Batman the Butler, Alfred.

What I do, I do well. I’m retired now so only advise my husband, who is hard-headed and resistant to any advice.

A few years ago I got a chance to work (volunteer) at Sundance Film Festival and had two hour-long phone interviews. They first wanted me to stand out in the snow and “herd” rich patrons to keep them in line. I said no because of arthritis. Then they asked me to be inside in the PR office turning away fake reporters without credentials. I said yes, then no. They liked me because my job description read Feminist Homemaker. I knew something was going to happen during or prior to that time frame so sadly had to negate the offer.

The thing did happen and we survived. We always do, husband, dog and me. Dad always told me that if a consultant makes that capital campaign goal, it’s to someone else’s credit. If they’re shy of the goal, it’s blamed on the consultant. That is the rule of consulting.

I’ve a question for you. What mediocre and shy person would throw herself in a shark pool such as that? Here’s to you who’ve battled bullies, questioned inept teachers and gone head-to-head with terrible bosses. I was too shy at the time and salute you as I’ve found my voice. Cheers from The Feminist Homemaker






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