Kindred Spirits

Up for hours, I’ve been writing. Of late I’ve written two notes, one to the owner, sister and friend of a dog I love, and another to the dog himself.

There are reasons we live and things we need to do. I need to care for my husband, father and family.

While I feel a strong connection to our dog of over ten years there is something with Jake I can’t describe. I can care for him in his dying days and not flinch or blink an eye as I give him his pain medication and epsom salt baths for his paw. I am supposed to give him strength and yet he gives me even more in return.

In my note to him I offered to be there to the end if he and his family want me there.

Kind hearts and souls. A former neighbor took me to the Jewish Museum yesterday, a really nice lady who happens to be Catholic, and I was entrusted with that faith as well. What stood out to me was a Torah with a Yah, and the Rock and Roll exhibit of Jewish performers. I knew some like Neil Diamond who was supposed to be a Cantor. It was an educational exhibit and beautifully choreographed.

Anyone who says the Holocaust didn’t exist doesn’t belong visiting this Museum. But it’s about lifting up. I had the feeling I needed to help others no matter the burden.

I was there at the end of my mother’s life as I will be at my father’s but think he’ll live to 100 or so and I’ll go first. Yes, I believe they based the energizer bunny on my father. Energizer, there may be patent infringements……..

Faith, OK. Organized religion, problems. Knowledge that God is with me and I have a path. Fine. Let me help others while I’ve the life and breath to do so, Dee


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