It’s never been my strong suit. Think pancakes. Dad made us pancakes after church on Sunday. I hated waiting for the bubbles to burst on the first side to turn them over.

Then I went rogue and would only eat a crepe with jam inside and powdered sugar outside. As of last week I now make an organic whole wheat pancake with blueberries. My husband’s has pure maple syrup on it and mine had my mother’s favorite, Lyle’s Golden Syrup from Harrods, London.

Thinking longer term I create change and wait and watch and wait and keep pushing as it takes or does not take. ‘Tis a lonely life being an outsider and wondering if you’ll be paid next week.

The vision, the mission, they’ve even had a weekend seminar to get it, and they leave exuberant and go back to square one the next day. I could beat my head against the wall but this one gets better. This jerk became executive director and first thing demanded I get out and give him the key to the office. No problem.

The next day he called our office and said he needed to meet with me. OK. I went and he said he wanted everything in my brain plus a confidential feasibility study I’d done years before. I said if he wanted anything in my brain he should have thought of that yesterday when I was working for him, and as to confidential reports I’d have to be present at a Board meeting at which a majority agreed to release that confidential information which was aggregated.

I went to see a key board member right away. Jerk boy moved off attacking me and lasted an entire month on the job before the Board fired him.

Good things were done there, including Kids for Kids, which allowed families to go to a childrens’ performance free with a few juice boxes or kids clothing. That change is one of the best things in my life and I’ve recently framed the program that all the kids signed for me. It kicked off the kids educational program and performances and put us on the map with free PR in the local papers et al. That change had its pitfalls although it turned out great.

Change is difficult. I once volunteered for an effort I put six years into with limited success. Slander, spying, disinformation were involved on the other side, which was two men. There were thousands of us looking to do something positive for our parks. We won a few battles but in the end I had to move, and move on.

Some of my mentors are now interred at West Point and Annapolis. Yes, I’ve flown to funerals and consider these some of my best friends, who made change a word that may not exist in a military handbook. AJH took an old, decrepit naval vessel and turned it around in 48 hours. That he ended up commanding a fleet and doing secret maneuvers off Hanoi is a testament to change and leadership. He and his widow will always be in my heart.

I and my husband know what’s wrong albeit in our different fields, and how to fix the problems. The real challenge is for a client to allow them to be fixed. That’s the challenge with most companies and organizations and one with which we struggle daily.

Cheers! Dee


One response to “Waiting

  1. I’d like to think West Point and Annapolis are still betting a bottle of Merlot on the Army/Navy game every year!

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