Letting Go

Whether it’s breaking up with a boyfriend in one’s teens of a dot-bomb layoff (that was before the current 2008 recession) it’s tough and one needs to let go.

I prefer a breakup to be going on to something better, I got a husband that way because I left a jerk, a doctoral jerk and probably CIA spook who stole my ID and wallet so I couldn’t leave but I did from another country home to the USA. Thank you, US Consulate!

As to job separations, they’ve all been amicable but it’s great to always have somewhere better to land. Pernicious fiends always make life awful on the job and tried to oust me. Why? Because I was a proponent of change. People who think they want change really do not want change. It is only when they see the effects of positive change that they realize the advantage of everything in their business, non-profit or life.

People who want change must have a commitment to it and to going through the steps needed to get to their goals, and first they need goals.

We are on a good path today as a negative influence is now gone from our lives and good influences and interesting times beckon. Great Teams, quality work, running for the lives of my team to break through barriers to succeed at the task, and servant leadership. That is my mission.

My husband I had very little in common when we met shortly after 9/11. We never thought our work had anything in common but if you’ve read above we have many things in common.

We hope for the best in people, try to be the best leaders we can be, lift up everyone to be the best for the cause, to meet and gain the goal. He calls it “servant leadership” and has been denigrated for doing so. My husband grew up on a farm with dairy cattle. He knows hard work and that some cows and calves may die.

I only had our family’s “job jar” every weekend with dishes, weeding, folding diapers, dusting, vacuuming, filling up the cars with gas (yes, we had our own tank), Ask Mom and Ask Dad. The latter two were the worst if received together but we learned how to play it.

There are jobs where people just treated me badly and I didn’t know why until now. I was smarter or had more power then them so they needed to bring me down. In elder wisdom, I know they never did bring me down. I always rose above them and vowed to treat others better so became a leader of volunteers, creating projects and temporarily leading teams until they could do so.

I’m an “atta girl” gal and prefer to instruct someone how to do something better instead of telling them what they’re doing wrong and scolding them. For that I have to thank my father. He was the one who said “hand me that screwdriver and go off and play” in Ask Dad when Mom had me weeding for four hours on a Saturday. Of course there was dirt on my face and sweat on my brow as I went to Ask Dad…….. Crayfish were waiting in the Creek! Cheers. Dee


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