Walking Out the Door

I’ve done it. I’ve held my dog and cat during and after euthanasia because they couldn’t make a life anymore. I’ve scattered their ashes and been at hospice before my mother died several years ago.

Jobs? I left gently for better opportunities but only openly quit once. Then I was stymied by a powerful woman who seduced me over a bagel at a hotel restaurant on Central Park. She only wanted me to work for her because I knew that thing, computers. Now my husband laughs as we have a division of labor and he takes care of all electronics. I take care of the dog and everything else.

Losing faith. I only walk out on a few of those who don’t want me or who feed me to the wolves. Some I fight for anyway because they need me.

Ideas, tenacity, a brain or two and walking out the door isn’t so bad. I see it as an opportunity. Although my husband is deathly allergic to cats (I’ll tell you a story) we are cats and always land on our feet.

Walking out the door. Today. HR conversation about when all benefits will end. COBRA is nearly $1K and “marketplace” is about $4,500 per month.

So much for walking away, and away we go. Dee


One response to “Walking Out the Door

  1. That was Jackie Gleason’s line, “and away we go.” Husband is a software guru who hates hardware. Do you want a song? Cant do it.

    The nerd is a muse
    He takes care of us always
    May life take care of him

    I saw a retrospective on John Lennon. If their brains were fused they may have stopped 9/11 and Afghanistan.

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