Job Description

Gap Director, VP of Gaperations, Fixer of Gaps, I write to you.

Aside from writing and caring for a needy husband and needier dog, I plug gaps. I try to anticipate where we’ll be, deal with where we are, and plan for the future.

Yes, sometimes there are tears involved as this is my family but I have spent half a lifetime helping others as well.

I know nothing of mortar or grout except in reaching out and being that substance emotionally for my husband and others.

Right now I can’t wear my wedding ring and it hurts me not to do so. It took months to get used to wearing it and washing dishes and clinking, but after many years it hurts me more to take it off to let this mosquito bite heal. The City told me they wouldn’t take care of mosquitoes until late summer when West Nile virus started sending people to the hospital. At least they were not gored by an angry cow at the sale barn.

The Gapmaster, Gapmeister, Gapster. When forces come in against a family if it was my choice alone I’d go elsewhere, go after their market, then go after their people and clients. But that’s just me.

Unfortunately for us, we’re honest people (I can’t vouch for Zoe the Dog as she’s an Opportunist) so I’ll keep grouting and mortaring souls. Here’s to my second fav dog Jake – he still loves his homemade treats by Aunt Dee and is limping along with bone cancer. Cheers, Dee


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