I must admit that I let a gorgeous blond gent share our bed when my husband was out of town on business. Our dog Zoe took over my husband’s pillow. Jake, a Golden Retriever, took the lower half of the bed.

Jake now has bone cancer and may live through the summer. He’s a good buddy and is still happy and eating well so I wanted to make him some homemade treats.

Jake’s Treats

2 containers chicken livers, a pound or so, drained

1/2 of a sweet or regular onion, chopped fine

1 cup each whole wheat flour (plus) and cornmeal

2 t garlic powder

1 egg

1 cup cottage cheese

I sauteed the chicken livers in a bit of bacon fat and a tsp. of butter, s & p. Use canola or olive oil or whatever you like to keep them from sticking. Start with the onions, add liver to sear and cook and cool a bit and process to a paste. Add to flour/corn meal/garlic mixture, Add egg and low fat cottage cheese and blend. I used a wooden spoon. A stand mixer would work well here! Depending upon the weather you may have to add more whole wheat flour to make a dough.

Pat it out in two batches. I’d cook at 325 for about 45 minutes then shut off the oven for 1/2 hour or so in order to dry them out without over-baking. Cool before storing in plastic bags or containers¬† in the freezer.

I used my dog bone cookie cutter and the 2nd batch looked nicer than the first so they’re Jake’s Treats. Zoe did a taste test and gave the biscuits two paws up! You can roll them out and bake them as a sheet and break them up, the dogs don’t care if it’s in a bone shape.

Note: Jake’s Treats have no preservatives so should be kept in a airtight container in the freezer. They thaw quickly or your dog may even like them a bit frozen.

Last night Jake’s dad was out of town so Aunt Mary took me to see him. He’s on better meds so is in less pain and was very happy to see his Aunt Dee as well (I didn’t bring Zoe as they play hard together) and loved his freshly baked treats.

A while ago when Jake came to stay with me, he and Zoe played keep-away with Zoe’s “Precious” which is a Kong-type big lacy ball with a squeaky gorilla latex toy inside (my husband’s invention). After four hours of mayhem Jake went missing for a few minutes. I looked around for him, heard breathing and he had locked himself in our guest bath. That’s where he goes for rest and privacy at home. When Mary ushered me and Jake’s Treats in last night, I heard him in the bathroom and asked if I could let him out. He’s a sweetheart.

Here’s to the pets who make us more human, and humane. Dee


5 responses to “Jake

  1. Zoe is mad at me every time I open the freezer and take out dog treats for someone else. There are only two left, in pieces, for her. I must make another batch. The rest went to a sister of a dog who recently died, down the street, and Frank, dog of a basketball player and to L, who is helping me deliver said package to Frank. What can I say, Zoe? You live in the now which means I’m giving away your treats. But I also work the “magic room,” the kitchen, so can always make more. I’ll tweak the recipe as needed.

  2. And you claimed that you don’t bake. It all depends on the recipient, hmmmm?

  3. pdx, it does. I took him out today and he’s failing. He got up because he smelled my chicken liver treats in my jacket pocket. He took his meds as well. Jake’s treats will survive and I’ve modified the recipe a bit adding an egg and a bit of flour for the weather. We’ll see how things go.

    • He’s still going. I hope to see him this weekend. Things are crazy here so we’ll see. Love all y’all Jake, M, F & S!

      • I have Jake again today before his full family is reunited. He did the epsom salt bath well and allowed me access to put on his sock and tape it and give him his medication after the walk. As in spaying/neutering 175feral cats each month I dreaded it but loved it. He’s a great dog and I will miss him when he’s gone. He’s my dog’s age but 3X larger and he is loved by many.

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