Flower Girl

Some members of my extended family may not wish to read this. For over 30 years I’ve taken up the case of those thwarted by law, those hindered by a lack of human and civil rights.

Twenty years ago two dear friends announced their commitment to one another. Today their state court struck down the ban on same sex marriage. So did the Supreme Court.

They just wrote to me as Flower Girl, a role I promised them all those years ago. I never thought govligion (government and religion which our forefathers said no to mixing 250 years ago) would make this a campaign issue, to prevent adults from behaving like adults with consenting adults.

I’ve several friends who are gay or lesbian. We work together on issues. We remain friends for a long time. I think folks from the US suffer from not seeing and living in other cultures, overseas, Mexico, even Canada. I’ve had the opportunity to live overseas and learn about many countries and people.

There is a tolerance to how people live (in tents, with goats) and who they are. I’ve no issue with having a meal with a gay or lesbian couple if we have something to talk about, like art or architecture.

That’s why I look forward to being the flower girl. I’d like to wear a tuxedo and toss flower petals chosen by the groom and groom. They are dear friends and today they are happy that their state ended the marriage ban. Hurrah! Dee


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