I’ve a tiny photo of my old cat Nathan in a frame by my desk. He’s on his bed with his name embroidered on it, and his green eyes look at me before I write. He was the first pet I had to euthanize. I comforted him, then held him after he died for a while and I felt something. I’d like to think that some of him is in me.

An angel ornament is there as well, of my first dog Chani, not that I need any reminders. I only have to go to Google Earth to see her tree in her park thousands of miles away. The other is me, standing by pine trees at probably 18 months in a pink snowsuit, showing me the possibilities of life.

As I write I look at these reminders every day. When I hear that a US Senator’s son allowed 20 dogs to die under his care, and then blames the dogs for their deaths and packs them, dead and dying in a shed… I am suspicious.

I’ve never seen a setup as is online now where the dogs stayed, it’s as if they’re locked in a laundry room. If a dog chewed a wire and cut off the A/C that wire should never have been open in the first place. This is human error, and I’d say cruelty. My dog has stayed on a farm before with 15 acres and cows and she got dirty but a bath was part of going home.

When Zoe came home from the vet she ran to us and was needy. From the farm, she was paired with an older dog to teach her manners and also secret things to make her humans do what she wants, yes the latter part was a success. I went there, worked with them on a spay/neuter project and Zoe was a favorite there and when clean from mud et al joined them in the office.

TO: Dog Owners in Maricopa County

Do NOT go to Green Acres to board your dog unless you want it to turn up dead and the Senator’s son say it was your dog’s fault.

Thank you, and so sorry to all the families who lost their dogs due to at the very least, negligence. I know a great lawyer in UT who can get you a class action suit. Dee


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