Sheets of Rain

Zoe (the dog) and I got together on the bed to watch a violent thunderstorm. Most folks were in their basements. We had good media coverage until cable went out so I sat next to her on the bed and calmed her through the storm.

There’s another one going on now but it’s further away and not lightning right outside our windows. I love watching thunderstorms, have since I was eight years old. I’d mitered all the window frames and we had no shades or draperies so my sister and I sat up and watched a terrific storm while our cousin slept in the living room a few feet away. He slept, and ended up a sailor and now heads the largest shipping company in … wherever.

More storms are rolling in but not like the first. Oh, we don’t have a basement. We do have many solid floor-to-ceiling windows and are up high and on the other side of the storm. I know to go to the bathroom or downstairs garage if there’s a tornado. Perhaps sit in my car in said garage. With the dog.

The fog is coming back in and the winds have ceased for now but there’s still a weather advisory out. Time to check the weather. Hope you’re having an interesting day as well, Dee



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