Chili and Dog Treats

The only thing in common is my butcher. Carolyn sold me 4# of beef (chuck and short ribs) to break down and grind Texas-style and the chili has been on the stove for a couple of hours now.

I asked about beef liver and Christian is ordering me some that will be in on Friday. I’m going to try to re-create a dog biscuit with eggs (including the shells), cottage cheese, garlic and organic whole wheat flour. I used to make it for my first dog over 20 years ago and can’t find the recipe. I brought a batch to the shelter I volunteered for years ago and the president came back and thought they were for people (it was over the holidays) and he liked them! I did tell him they were for the dogs so he left the remainder for them. That’s where I got my first dog.

This will be a gift for my good friend who has stayed with us and is now very ill but still eating. He is a pleasure to have around and will be missed so deserves some liver cookies. Friday, m’dear. I have not one but two cookie cutters shaped like a dog bone! Cheers and I hope you can smell my chili from there. Dee


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