I don’t care what law you want to pass, I won’t enforce it, says a bureaucrat.

We don’t care about West Nile Virus until August when people start going to the hospital. Yes, very recently from our dear city.

I tore your hat off your head and ripped it to pieces, said a school bus bully.

You want your dog to be legally off leash in a park? We’ll follow you, let the air out of your tires, join a board you’re on to make sure you’re not talking about dogs, take photos, plant spies

Just for doing one’s civic duty as a registered voter. There are people who have nothing better to do in life than hate others and thwart anything that gets them riled. I forgive them, even the P, K, J and multiple M’s. They have nothing better to do. There is no constructive energy as in finding solutions, so they just stop everything. I’m sad for them.

I’m bereft if I don’t learn a new thing every day. My husband and I live to provide solutions to problems. As I’m retired mine go to a new crosswalk for safety, and my husband solves the tech problems of banks and manufacturers.

We look toward the future. The haters must have had a terrible childhood because all they can do is look to the past and create fiefdoms that give them the power they never had. We never needed that power of hate. We prefer to look towards a better future. I hope you do as well. Dee


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