Non-Compete Clauses

There’s a top article in the New York Times today which they will not allow me to send you. Far from the tech sector my husband has to sign it’s now down to rival kid camps.

If I were to work at Burger King and try to go to Dairy Queen would I have to sign a non-compete?

My husband and I have talked about it and California has the model other states should employ. I have a job. I quit this job or was let go due to a merger/layoffs. I should not have to wait 1.5 years before finding a new job.

It is ridiculous that our nation and the states within it are allowed to discriminate against employees in this way. Trade secrets are another issue. Working to pay the bills is what I’m talking about.

A lot of my husband’s non-specific code is out there for open access because it will help other developers. Yes, it also has company approval for dissemination. Does he personally hold trade secrets? Probably. I’m his wife and would never know or ask.

When one talks of a landscaper not taking another job within a mile this non-compete is ridiculous. I used to manage contracts and riders with artists who were not allowed to perform within a 90 mile radius and that was crazy because we were in the middle of no-where and were not stealing audiences.

Unfortunately, when the written offer and money are there, people tend to forget the non-compete clauses. I vet every contract. Except the last one. There was an emergency meeting for all staff and everyone was fired. If they were to be re-hired they had to sign a contract with the new company.

My husband is brilliant but I’m better at the business side. He had to sign or stay fired so he signed and I’ve yet to see that agreement. I’ll bet the non-compete says he can’t work globally for at least a year and a half. That’s why these clauses don’t help employers or employees. People move if they can’t move up. That’s business.

My dog sitters have a non-compete clause. I hire others. That’s how I get around it. Give me a high five, a paw, OK you’re showing off for the new pups. Dee


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