To Chopped’s Ted Allen

Baskets, strange items

Lactose, pork, monkey brains and Twix

Glad I’m not on stage

+ + +
I made those up but you could have reindeer, coffee beans, jujubees and cement. Or chicken feet, lime jello mix, pummelo and glasswort. All in 20 minutes.

Or carve out a beef heart from the live animal and mix it with a part of beef it came from, duck beaks, nopales and live sea urchin. That’s thirty minutes.

Perhaps paper dirty baby diapers, Cheerios, rice baby cereal and bottled baby apricots.

How about purposefully overcooked Bistecca Fiorentina, overcooked and grey asparagus in spring, gooey overcooked risotto and a curdled panna cotta.

Now these can be new contests! Cheers, Dee


2 responses to “To Chopped’s Ted Allen

  1. LOL! Watching “Chopped” is way more fun when the mystery items are stranger-the stranger the better! ;)

  2. And I sent Ted Allen a haiku, as well. How about catching a wild boar (way more than 20 minutes), cooking it with watermelon, dates and cinnamon toast. I’ve watched ranchers catch two wild boar and took them to the weigh station to send them to Ft. Worth and off to France where they are a delicacy. In my mind the $$$ per lb. is not worth the aggravation of getting out of the trap into the truck cage and to and from the weighing venue/paddock. It certainly was educational as a cook.

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