Speaking of Piglet

Save the deli. I lent the book to a waiter who left town and never got it back. This one I’ll send back to David Sax and ask him to sign it for me and make me promise to never lend it out again.

The waiter’s chef had placed a pastrami sandwich on my plate that even mustard would not remedy. I spent my childhood going to Jewish delis in Montreal and NYC, and this was awful so I lent him the book.

OK, I’m a wanna-be sometimes Jew, for pastrami, smoked meat, and latkes, I’ve gone out for a latke breakfast twice in the past month, probably a sin for a lapsed Catholic married to a lapsed Protestant for over a decade. Matzoh balls and chicken soup. No wonder its called penicillin.

Challah turned into bread pudding. Montreal smoked meat on rye with a beer. Ah, that’s life. Since the waiter took my book forever I just ordered another, a used copy. Save The Deli by David Sax will now be part of my reference collection of cookbooks, of which there are a few select tomes by none other than Julia Child, James Beard, Simca Beck, Edna Lewis, Barbara Kafka, just check my cookbook series and see….. Dee


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