Inspired Dinner

It was shared with others and well-liked so I’ll share it with you. Dinner a deux:

Two chicken breasts with bone and skin, prepare to roast (I can only turn my oven up to 375 lest I set off the smoke alarm)

Marinate in 1t each salt, pepper, sweet (or smoked) paprika and 1/4 tsp sugar mixed with juice of a lime and 1-2 T oil for at least an hour

I served that with a chimichurri sauce I made yesterday.

Also Israeli couscous with lime juice and cilantro

Also roasted heirloom colored carrots in olive oil with sprigs of fresh rosemary.


That was dinner. If I must say so myself it was very good. My husband came back for seconds on the couscous. I find it interesting that he hates the quick non-cooked couscous but loves the bigger “pearls.” Next I’ll have to introduce him to quinoa, as baked potatoes are not the only starch approachable to a Texan in our universe.

The stars are aligning in some fashion, I can feel it. I don’t know what yet but always know when it’s right. We wish you well and hope you’ll do the same. Keep reading and write in from time to time. Cheers! Dee


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