Neighbors and Otis

At seven yesterday morning I got quite a scare. My next-door neighbor I rarely see was returning from her daily morning walk and Zoe my dog and I were going out for ours. We stopped for a few seconds to say good morning/how are you.

Then Otis the Evil Elevator forced a hard close of the doors. I was inside with my arm holding the door and the other searching for the “door open” button. Zoe was in the hall.

At the last fraction of a second I tried to throw her leash into the hallway, knowing she’d be fine waiting two minutes for me to return while she sniffed our neighbors’ doorways.

The leash tightened then disappeared and I thought she broke her neck and died, apparently I yelled (I don’t remember) and know I burst into tears and four floors down trying to reverse the elevator a family entered, saw my distress and exited and said to go back up, they’d take another. They like Zoe, too.

Expecting to see my dog lying dead on the floor with a broken neck, instead I saw said neighbor K standing with Zoe at the end of the leash. I didn’t find out until last night what happened.

K heard me yell and rushed outside and first tried to get Zoe’s leash undone from the collar but knows little of dogs and how their leash apparatus works. So she pulled the leash as hard as she could and it came out of the elevator. She saved Zoe’s life and for that we thank her immensely. I’ve nurtured Zoe for ten years and would hate for ten seconds to end her life. Her neck seems fine, it’s not swollen or broken and she doesn’t seem to be in pain, thanks to K.

Zoe wrote a thank-you note to K (Dear Ms. K, Thank you for saving my life. Mom thought I was a goner. It’s great to have neighbors like you. Zoe) and sent me out to the new florist to get an arrangement. Currently we’ve no solid plans for July 4 weekend as pre-incident my husband was asked if we’d be around. K & J’s grandkids are coming into town and they talk about Zoe all year and take turns calling on her.

This year will be special. If it’s OK with their folks they can help feed and take her out, supervised of course, and my husband will twist extra balloons (without Zoe, the twisting and occasional popping freak her out) for them.

I addressed the issue of the “hard close” elevators because it could be an issue for elderly residents, young families with strollers and sleds or water gear, and those of us with elderly pets. No word as yet though I was asked if Zoe is OK. She seems to be so, but only because our neighbor saved her life.

Cheers to great neighbors! Farewell A, who moves today. Once she’s settled we’ll go to a certain museum together. Dee


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