I’ve not had much luck with them lately. I don’t go for composition but enjoy simple arrangements like daffodils, daisies and single flowers for each bathroom.

Gerberas have not done well for me of late, one lasted two days, the last one, one day. I know I go on half-off Fridays but how can I spend less than five minutes cutting down one flower and placing it in water and it’s dead the next morning?

When we married a dear friend offered to buy my wedding bouquet. God bless her, she’s been my surrogate mother for many years. I chose something small on the shelf, with yellow/pink French tulips and white Alstroemeria with pink and yellow. For blue (I had everything else old, new and borrowed) I selected a very light blue silk ribbon to hold the flowers.

The other day I bought two yellow spider mums for each bath. Also a bunch of pink Alstroemeria that has given a vegetative odor to our home for 24 hours. I thought it would be nice to have something that means something to me, and not so much to my husband, but as I smell it now it it overpowering.

I do love half-off Fridays and picking flowers of my choice and doing what I want with them. This is a high-end florist and I let people know they’re new in the neighborhood but they do weddings and parties and I’m just a blip on the radar.

Simple is key. If you come over for dinner bring a bunch of daisies or whatever is seasonal. Even my husband knows that buying me roses is a chore. He used to just bring them knowing I had dinner about to be on the table. Now he has the lady trim and de-thorn them so I can just pop them into a vase. The diva says Cheers! Dee


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