Health Care

General Shinseki resigned as head of Veterans’ Affairs. Why? Manipulating the numbers and long wait times that resulted in the death of people who have fought for our country.

I see health care as one, two, three, now four cards in my wallet. They let me go to a doctor or hospital.

We should do the same for our veterans. Give them a card, one that allows special access for war-related injuries, PTSD and prosthetics and go to a regular hospital. A card is a lot less expensive than billions in hospitals.

Get rid of the VA as it is today. Keep Bethesda for the president and a few others for specialty care. Sell off the others and keep their staff, especially in rural areas where there are no other options.

The folks who keep us safe deserve more than to be on a waiting list for treatment while they die.

I ask that the federal government place our military personnel and vets on the same ticket other Americans have, and put our President and Congress on it as well. That way we’ll be assured good health care.

Everyone deserves quality health care. We pay for it in so many ways and insurance is but one. God bless the USA. Dee


2 responses to “Health Care

  1. Deshon Olivier

    Thanks Dee for the couscous!
    It was delicious, and it was also the first time that I have ever taste it, and I must say I would eat more.

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