I do go to a mostly organic grocer often and now am able to walk there due to lack of snow or ice. Last weekend they had oysters and I haven’t had one in years, so ordered two different kinds at $1 apiece, on a paper tray on shaved ice.

Not wanting to smother their flavor, I opted for a drop or two of lemon juice on each, then down they went. Gorgeous flavors with both. I do have an oyster knife but couldn’t find the hinge with a blindfold and being turned around three times. Even while wearing the ruby slippers.

There was some grit but the oysters were so fresh and cold, and terrific. They had several sauces but why bother?

Today said grocer called with an order of cinnamon bacon. Don’t laugh. I’m a regular customer so a few weeks ago when they started to smoke their own bacon in house they gave me two slices of cinnamon bacon to try. I was prepared to hate it, now love it. It takes them a week to make this so today Mike called and said it was cooling and how much do I want.

All I can say is that my husband will be a happy man to have this bacon. It’s nitrate-free and Mike offered to place it into two packs so I can freeze one.

I helped my Swedish friend get postcards, not stamps. Turns out our really local grocery carries stamps. It’s a good thing to know.

Years ago I went with Dad to a Home Depot and he was amazed by all the nails, nuts and bolts they had for sale. Of course he was used to a local small store and his father was a carpenter/handyman.

I wonder what visitors think of our country now. Dee


4 responses to “Pop-Ups/Groceries

  1. Ooh, oysters! I love them, fresh, on the half shell. No sauces needed. They taste like an ocean wave in your face!

  2. Grit included. With a drop of lemon juice they were cold, fantastic and my husband the fish-o-phobe looked on in horror. I was in heaven!

  3. Fish-o-phobe means that you don’t have to share!

  4. Isn’t that great? Sometimes I wait for him to go out of town or spend an evening with work guys so I can cook fish at home! Yes, he’s that allergic.

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