Just The Wife

Years ago I added my husband’s name to my main bank account, one I’d held for over ten years. Two years later there was an issue and I called and they said they couldn’t talk to me without my husband’s “permission.”

I organized a place to live and rental furniture for three months here plus gas, electric and cable because I was to follow in a few weeks. Silly me, I placed them all in his name because he’d have to sign so when I called to talk about a bill I paid, they simply said “we need your husband’s authorization for us to talk to you.”

For two years I’ve had a tired husband come home from work and get on the phone and say please place my name on the account and here’s my wife, work it out.

Last year one company kept dunning us and I kept paying them and then there was a threat of eviction. We were paying double every month and also paying for a family in Texas due to a billing error. We got the next three months free because of their multiple mistakes.

Only the wife. That’s one of the saddest terms I’ve ever heard. A couple got married this weekend and it’s very strange to live with someone for the first time, not to mention that wedding band clinking against dishes in the sink.

In any marriage there is a division of duties and mine includes paying all the bills. With the NSA and everyone spying on us and security as it is, I will assure that any new accounts we incur will have both of us on the account.

Why? If my husband gets hit by a bus? Not only will I be grieving for his loss, I’ll have to argue that I can pay the bills and cash out. I’ll never be “just the wife.” Dee


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