New Old Friends

A retired engineer came to town to visit his son, our neighbor, from Sweden. When my husband and I stopped by to say farewell yesterday I said that H did things with me that my husband would never do. Eyebrows were raised.

Art! And plants! Get your mind out of the gutter! We went to the art museum and I got to spend an hour in the modern art section (I think I actually jumped up and down when I saw a Giacometti across the room) and we were in sync with the art.

Yesterday was a bit disappointing as we tried one urban garden space that had nothing growing for the cold winter, foreswore another because of cold, wind and rain and finally went to an indoor garden and had a good morning.

They’re on a plane now back to Sweden. When son G returns next door he’s going to teach me to make his Swedish meatballs and I may teach him Texas chili in return.

In the meantime I love to make new friends and especially ones who like to go see the kind of events I love and my husband has no time for. The highlights were their dinner for us, and the modern art at our local museum. All the time I spent with H, even at the grocery store, I thought of my father and how I miss him. The partial deafness made me feel right at home. Cheers! Dee


One response to “New Old Friends

  1. H brought me flowers for showing him around town while his son was at work. Chivalry is not dead, ladies.

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