Sleepy Dogs and Thunderstorms

It’s rained just a bit after a glorious weekend but there are rumblings in the distance so now I’ve moved dog Zoe’s big bed next to my desk, away from the window, and she’s sound asleep.

Fireworks don’t really scare her and it’s only the noise of air shows that bother her a bit. The only time she gets under our bed is when she gets too hot on top of it (down comforter and feet) or when my husband makes balloons. Yes, a software consultant who makes balloons.

He’s out of practice but Zoe wishes he’d never do it again and goes under my side of the bed to hide until the squeaking and some poppings occur. Now my husband goes to a public place when a child and his/her parent want a balloon animal. Children in the neighborhood know him as the “balloon man” and he always has a few in his pocket or hat. It’s funniest when he’s dressed for work and is at an airport gate with a crying child. Twisting a dog in 30 seconds does wonders for all.

Our dog has been a sleeper since we got her at just six weeks of age and can go overnight like nothing. She has to get the best spot. Usually next to me as I do the morning walk and feed her and have done so for over ten years. As I said, she’s at my feet, sound asleep and the thunder clouds have retreated for now.

No matter what happens, she’s slept through a Category 5 hurricane with my husband all night, ten hours while I sat up and blogged it. I’m not too worried about planes going over and thunder and Harleys. But I should probably take her out before the next wave.

She loves a pool, a river, a bath but not getting wet by rain. That’s my dog. Zoe’s her name, Greek for “life.” Working with animals all my life she’s the happiest I’ve ever met. By finishing this, it’s pouring outside, it even may be hail from what I see. She’ll thank you kindly for the delay. Oh, it’s hail. Not good. Dee


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