In WWII it was the trenches, cities, parachutes, beaches. Now it’s guerrilla warfare with IED’s, For over ten years we’ve been overseas fighting a beast we cannot see, finally “catching” and killing the prize that killed over 2,300 people at the World Trade Center.

I’ve had a theory for years that when men fight with knives or swords there is less bloodshed and potentially less need to fight. Given bombs and the atomic bomb it shows we do not see blood so have not inflicted or have had an attack upon us.

What does valor mean these days? I can tell you what it it meant 50 years ago when the Navy Captain married us would say. Nothing. But we flew in to his funeral at Annapolis we learned more about his career than anything he ever said to us. He was a hero in many more than my eyes.

As weapons like drones take over this is no longer person-to-person battle. It’s putting your eye on the prize. When warriors or those we draft to be such are sent to a foreign country away from family it hurts us as a nation on a human, political and financial basis.

If this is what our taxes are paying for, it’s time to say no to Afghanistan and this stupid war and take care of us for a change. We have many people in need of assistance and always think other countries come first. Think about it. Dee



One response to “Valor

  1. The Navy Captain who married us? I heard from his eldest son (III) today in honor of Veterans’ Day. I also call him my big brother, yes I went in for the package deal, a Mom and Dad and three brothers. Reader, I lucked out on that draw. I called III out at his Dad’s funeral so he took Mom to meet SecNav.

    SecNav gave her a ceremonial coin to commemorate the Captain’s long-term Naval service. It was a good day because many family and friends were together remembering a loved one. That was just two years ago and my first visit to Annapolis. Tradition. Honor. Fortitude.

    The only time I almost saw him shed a tear was when my love and I asked him to marry us, on land. He took a moment in the other room and came back and asked about the specifics of the mission! Yes, Captain. You want to write the vows and I’ll type them out for you. Yes, sir!

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