Ruth Reichl, I love you!

A dear friend gave my mother Gourmet in the 70’s and she transitioned from cream of mushroom soup to souffles.

When I first read it, the recipes were all written without an ingredient list and everything in paragraphs. I remember one for a tagine that at the last moment called for lemons that had to have been prepared and marinated for three weeks.

Bummer. Get to the end of a recipe and have to wait three weeks to make it.

I always loved Gourmet in whatever incantation and wish it were alive today, but I must confess that in my blog I talk it through just like you did back in the day.

There’s no list of ingredients or amounts, as some strange lawyer says “This sounds like a recipe of my Aunt Millie from Arkansas from the 1940’s. I’m suing you.”

I don’t publish recipes online, except the ones I create. Photos are essential, I know. As the fog comes in and off the lake and the trees and moon emerge from time to time, I think it’s going to be a good day. Except the birds start chatting at 4:05 now talking about who Kathy went out with last night and why was Kyle working late again.

Yes, I speak dog and cat and am learning bird. Cheers! Dee


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