Dog got me up at two this morning to have me lift her up to the bed. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t, having rested too much yesterday with an earache.

A few hours ago I saw the end of the most recent version of Little Women with Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon.

At the end were credits for everyone who worked on the film. Not just the producers, director and actors but gaffers and catering service et al.

Don’t ask me at my age why every day is kids day and Mothers and Fathers days only come around once a year. Been there, heard that.

The producers employ everyone on a film and people are credited for their work. I’ve never been credited for my work with a decent raise or plaque or party. I organized all the work birthday parties and baby showers so there was never anyone around to do it for me.

Teachers, bosses, parents above all, please give them credit where credit is due. When I got an A++ my mother would say OK. When I got a 98 on a test the one-sided discussion was about why I didn’t get 100++.

The negativity and unwillingness to trust others in this country is amazing to me, as I come from farm country (never had a farm) and no-one ever locked their doors or cars and people were supposed to be open and honest.

Think of folks who got into the kind of  institutional “credit” people heaped upon homeowners who’ve been dealt their share of pain for dealing with these banks as that’s another story.

No money is needed for my “atta girl.” Just knowing that someone I love or work for believes in me and appreciates my work is plenty.

I went from being the new girl at our annual fest in my husband’s hometown to plate-clearer, dishwasher and maker of at least four dishes in 24 hours after flying in. The other women have worked hours and days before I arrived but no man watching “the Game” ever lifts a finger to help or says thank you to any of us.

Credit. Please tell your kid you’re glad she moved from a C to a B in Math. Or your son that you’re glad he was successful in helping a friend. Thank your parents, simply for being your parents and being there for you, and your friends.

Thank you for giving credit where credit is due. We often assign blame but do not appreciate the good things we have in life. Cheers, Dee



2 responses to “Credits

  1. I like helping with dishes, especially those in the open dishwasher. Very good licking.

  2. It’s called the “first rinse,” dishwasher-wise and something Auntie L would hate for Zoe to do. When my brother traded Dad’s golf clubs for a rock he liked from a neighbor, parents stepped in. Dad got his clubs back and a few years later I started learning to knit and made golf club covers for them both. Of course I swung a wedge into the sand and it went 35 feet to the hole and they both said I’d be driving the cart only from then on.

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