Business As Unusual

We’ve lived here for over two years and pay a good deal of dineros to do so. For the third time living here our dog was attacked. It was in the elevator so she had nowhere to go.

Zoe’s a rescue dog who has been with us since she turned six weeks of age, for over ten years now and while I wish she could hurt a fly (here it’s mosquitoes) she will not do so.

We are now being “investigated” because the foster mom of the two rescues who joined in on the attack by barking like crazy and telling the big dog to go for my hipless wonder-dog said that Zoe barked once. An incident report was filed. The woman said they were fosters and that she would get off the elevator when we entered. I said that’s not good enough ma’am.

I’ve had four animals in my life, all rescues. When I moved here I knew I could not run a foster program given our lease and look forward to retiring to the country so I can help rescued dogs and cats and even designed a mud room/laundry room with four kennels with doors that open in between if there are litter mates. I’d have a list of low-cost vets for spay/neuter as that is a priority of mine, also shots and check-ups.

At least five times a day Zoe and I go through the lobby and she’s offered petting and treats and does tricks for the kiddos. Today, no-one in the lobby will raise their head to greet us or say hello. I’d like to withhold $150 per day rent every day they all do this. Not for me, but because Zoe loves them and thinks that she is in trouble because they won’t look at her or talk to her.

I’ve worked with shelter dogs for over 20 years and owned two for more than that. Nearly every dog can be rehabilitated unless they’ve been bred and trained to fight. They need an owner or foster family to give them a lot of care and training to be able to go to a new home with a (gulp, I hate to say this), forever family. Having two unstable dogs on an elevator is a recipe for disaster.

The rule I learned at GPA (Greyhound Pets of America) is that two dogs is a discussion, three is a fight. I was let into the unneutered male section many times on turnouts but only with the shift supervisor. We watched every movement to prevent a fight before they were well enough, after coming off the track, for surgery. I had to take one out by himself because he was AKC, not a racer, and the racers hated him because he was raised with Dobermans and thought he was one.

That was a good time for me. I suggested we get him subliminal tapes that said “I am a Greyhound” but in the meantime got to take him across the way to a fenced yard and watch him run. What a beautiful sight.

I do not like my old girl being threatened. Today I took her on the elevator and for walks three times so far just so she’s not frightened of attack. While the “investigation” continues I’ll look for a new place to live because if the woman whose dogs attacked mine pays more than we do, she’ll win. That’s the way it is and will always be. Dee




2 responses to “Business As Unusual

  1. The laundry room would have a full-sized tub with sprayer at the right level for me not to bend down too much, and stairs for the infirm “clients” plus shelves for dog/cat shampoo et al.

  2. The issue has been addressed. Of course I’ve offered to help in her rescue efforts. I just think she didn’t have control of her dogs and mine was frightened.

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