Yes it is Mother’s Day. I must give a nod to M and Nanny for making J’s and my life possible. I hope they’ll love their trees and hedges (no Hallmark cards, no 1-800-FLOWERS). We found, I researched and went to the best tree person in their environs and even looked into where to have the best meal in town.

That’s love. People write endless songs and poetry and books about it but I know what it is. Love is the ability and willingness to give, and to be cherished not in return for those gifts but for oneself.

I can’t have kids so we took the dog for a car ride yesterday, which she loves. I’ve a loving husband and family, oh the dog is not a mom, she was spayed two days before we adopted her at six weeks of age and is over ten years old now. We gave her a treat this weekend of a mile-long trip on her orthopedic bed in my car.

Today I’ll make a roasting chicken with stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy and I’ve fresh corn on the cob I’ll use somehow, raw, cooked, grilled, roasted I don’t know yet. Why? Because I love him.

Yes, I love him enough to make pizza for lunch, homemade with 00 flour dough et al. Now that is love as I’ll have to start the dough around 9 a.m. after I take out and feed the dog, give J cereal with fresh strawberries. Wait, aren’t I supposed to be the mom? I don’t see a note from the dog. I’ve kept promising her someone would invent opposable thumbs for her but it hasn’t happened as yet.

I got my husband an air plant because there’s no maintenance involved except sunlight. I told him why I got it for him and when I asked him again he said “because you love me.” No, I said. You tell the guys at work that it’s the perfect “guy gift.” And yes, I got it because I love him. Happy M’s day. Dee



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