What’ll I Do

with just a photograph to tell my troubles to. As sung by Linda Ronstadt, Lush Life.

And It Never Entered My Mind, “order orange juice for one.” Solitaire. I had the album, Lush Life, years ago but need to buy this now. The songs are lush and lovingly put together.

My husband will love the music in his car. I’ll be careful to get it now as he stole my Kristen Chenoweth  cd and I never got to hear it, probably because the dog’s not allowed in his car and her 4″ orthopedic bed is in the back of my SUV. But we don’t spoil her or anything. Road trip? My car, dog in back. A few songs on tap and when hubby’s asleep I’ll just hit on Peter Paul and Mary and sing harmony.

There’s something about the way Ronstadt sings and Nelson Riddle’s orchestration that still moves me. It’s like Tommy Dorsey and The Chairman (Frank Sinatra) were together again but more elegant and subtle. It’s the strings that make it, as a young violinist who quit after a few years at age nine. Sorry, Mrs. Smith.

When I heard Linda or Frank years ago I was alone and eating peanut butter sandwiches over the kitchen sink. Yes, I toasted the bread. Married for over a decade I still love the songs. No, I do not try to get blind dates for my friends, but still love good music and if you choose Linda or Frank you’ll never go wrong. My favorite album of all time is Frank’s Come Fly With Me. It made me want to go places and see things and luckily I’ve been able to do that. Cheers! Dee



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