Silver and Gold

You’re thinking of Burl Ives’ silken voice in a holiday story that featured him as a snowman and Rudolph, the one with the red nose, as the star. I loved his talent and voice and saw him in his underwear. I was 19. He was being prepped by his wife and daughter for a performance and commanded me to come in, as I’d arrived to pick him up for said performance. I turned bright red and said no sir, I’ll wait for you out here, and I did.

I was taught to walk with a dictionary on my head, music, dance, even opera in our very small town. I took to prim and proper and well-educated well then when I was in my 30’s just took a small riff on it.

We were taught that no-one wears silver and gold together. I bought matching 18K gold wedding bands. Years ago to help my arthritis my husband bought me a silver and gold “golf bracelet.” We bought 18K gold earrings that I’ve worn for over ten years, day and night and  another golf bracelet for my right wrist for arthritis.

All of my jewelry and heirloom pewter, wood-lined cigarette box given by my great aunt was stolen, along with all her sapphire jewelry.

I don’t wear necklaces any more but have two new additions to my daily regimen. A sterling silver Claddagh ring I’ve always wanted for my birthday (heart turned inward, sorry gents), and a Turkish eye bracelet recently arrived from Islamabad from Dad.

Silver and gold, together. A tiny rebellion when one remembers having to lend a white glove to my sister for Mass to carry so it looked like we both had a pair, or wearing a tissue on our heads when we didn’t have hats.

Of course I took it a few steps further. I went to lunch and to the movies by myself, have had an interesting career, and like to spend my days in a tee, jeans and crocs. No more heels or dresses.

I try to protect our and others’ personal privacy and keep us and our neighbors from harm, and buck authority as needed. After years of being a tongue-tied kid afraid of her own shadow I emerged (a late bloomer) to speak my mind from time to time. My mother wished I hadn’t. Dad said GO!

Certain traits bring people together and often nurturers like me gravitate, luckily, to geniuses like my husband. Over many years we’ve dealt with challenges and find we actually have a few things in common: we believe in whatever issues we believe in; we solve problems; we create constructive change; and we love each other and our families and friends. And readers, of course. Dee


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