Yes, that is where I am at present. It’s a virtual doghouse because we live up in a big tower….. It all started before five this morning with fire alarms blaring and flashing lights glaring.

My husband and I jumped out of bed immediately. I was dressed because daily I’m being munched on by mosquitoes so I quickly grabbed my and my husband’s jackets, and my purse and phone were by the door. Where’s the dog? Despite the loud noises she was in the middle of the bed saying “What? Who has the nerve to disrupt my 20 hours of beauty sleep?” I grabbed her leash and we went to go to the stairs with our other neighbors when the sound stopped.

The first thing I thought of was my next door neighbor, who recently had a hip replacement and could never make it down the stairs. By the time everyone showed up on our floor in slippers and robes the scare was over. It happened twice more for a few blares and is not over yet as “experts” have been called in. Interestingly the Fire Marshal was just here inspecting everything a few days ago.

We decided to take out the dog anyway and I fed her nearing 5:30. She drank her fresh water afterward and I lifted her back up on the bed. When she awakened an hour later she wanted to go out, then have “dinner.”

I’m in the doghouse because I never made her a second breakfast! She’s been out three times and it’s only ten in the morning. Permit me to explain, with a herding dog there is a routine and it must be kept. Put her in the back seat of the car once to drive hubby to work at 100 degrees and 98% humidity and it’s routine. “Daddy” gets out of the car to cross the street to his office and Zoe jumps up to the passenger seat and sits down like a person and everyone at the bus stop bursts out laughing. We did that routine for five years.

I’ve been up since four-thirty something and she’s finally sleeping at my feet, having given up the quest, temporarily, for a second breakfast.

On another matter I found the perfect gift for my husband’s office. He’s had a betta in a bowl and a blue lobster and other fish in a three gallon tank before, no longer as he’d bring them home when their environments were nasty or they were dead. Not a pretty picture.

Yesterday I found an air plant in a hanging vase. All it needs is sunlight. No food, water, or cleaning. The perfect guy gift. Of course he’ll take it home when the glass bowl needs dusting, but at least I won’t have to flush dead bettas down the toilet.

Thirdly, hubby put in a new fan in my MacBook. Yes, it’s nearly seven years old and began to sound like a lawn mower being run a couple of blocks away. He didn’t get the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) component but one that cost 1/5 as much and installed it himself. Interestingly, he needed multiple bowls and sheets of paper to label each screw as he took the machine apart because they’re all different. Leave it to Steve Jobs to make most mortals call tech support. Luckily my guy had his MacBook up (his battery went last week and his machine is only a few months younger than mine) with the instructions to install my new fan. How handy is my guy!

All I hear now is the washing machine, dishwasher, A/C and all the mosquitoes flying outside our hermetically sealed windows. And the dog, now in REM sleep chasing squirrels. Enjoy whatever Spring you can. It may get up to 50 here today. Dee


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