Did you know that mosquitoes kill more humans than humans do? Yes, I’m sure that as part of his research to give billions to save world health Bill Gates would have had a graph made and thanks for that. Don’t feel bad, humans are second on the list for killing other humans, Mr. Gates told us so.

We have standing water below and I get at least ten bites per night even though we are hermetically sealed in our home and haven’t opened a window in three months when there was snow on the ground and everything was frozen solid.

Now there are insects on the interior windowsills and in paper spider traps and the government tells me I’m lying about the bites, and it chooses not to drain the standing fetid swamp. So we are left to our own devices.

I’ve been instructed to rent a room and have a community meeting to discuss, I guess, whether mosquitoes actually exist, whether they breed in standing water and whether they can spread disease like West Nile Virus. They do on all counts. I don’t need to host a community meeting to know that. Perhaps they can call Bill Gates and he can come in to verify my researched conclusion. At least that may get four people in the room (a chaperone, Mr. Gates, my husband and me). Of course I’d make a great brunch.

While our front door is my enemy because it has a lot of space around it for air and bugs to get in, the real enemy is the people whose salaries we pay, day in and day out, to represent us. The only persons they represent are themselves.

Our own devices it is. No community meetings, I’ll just go door-to-door. Everyone who is complaining needs to do more and get others to do so. We probably need $250 and four volunteers to get through West Nile summer. We don’t need the money, just want buy-in at $10 apiece so if my husband is transferred someone will take over.

We’ve been funding the effort so far. It’s time for others to step up to the plate and hit a home run for our neighborhood, even though the entire public and private bureaucracy is working against us. Heaven forbid I mix baseball with football metaphors, but let’s win one for the Gipper. Dee


One response to “Disappointment

  1. Heh heh… I found a good website chock-full of info (who has had more experience battling mosquitoes than FL??)


    Go get ’em!

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