Most of us pay them, except the filthy rich who pay tax lawyers instead, or illegals working “under the table.”

Who and what do we pay for? Salaries for every elected official and bureaucrat at every level of government be it local, state or federal. Let’s say hypothetically that I found a dead raccoon in the street and called the number for Dead Animal Removal. Should someone answer the phone? I can understand if she’s on the case of the cat that was run over across town.

When we call government offices of the people whose salaries we pay, we are rebuffed, treated as idiots, pawned off to someone else or our information is taken and tossed in the circular file.

Below is a photo taken this evening of insects over standing water that our city and county will not address. Nor will the state’s health department, the CDC or EPA. They say I’m lying about multiple daily bug bites and demand doctors’ certification of such; tell me this four inches of fetid standing water does not breed insects; assure me that they won’t do anything until late summer when people start going to the hospital for West Nile Virus; and get this one, that the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act is in force for this vile swamp.

No manatees, porpoises or blue whales have been spotted in this four inches of standing water but no one will lift a finger so we will do so. Government can never get enough of our money and is always greedy for more. “You expect us to actually provide services? We’ve a deficit.” Who’s problem is that? You keep taking increasing amounts from our paychecks. What’s your name again and when are you up for re-election?

This is not what I signed up for as a taxpayer and voter. Doing their work for them was never my plan in life. Dee


Standing Water Does Not Breed Harmful Insects

Standing Water Does Not Breed Harmful Insects


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