Yes, I took up the guitar at age fifty. I filed our taxes on April 15 and decided to pay a bit of our refund for a guitar. I didn’t have any idea how to buy a guitar and bought a good one but the wrong one for me for $200. But I also signed up for lessons, private lessons.

I learned a lot in a couple of months then they changed teachers and I got a drummer. He didn’t care to teach chords and said people don’t care if you can’t hit a note, you just have to be on the beat. That may be OK in his world but not in mine.

The downfall came when he realized I may have perfect pitch and he doesn’t so he wouldn’t let me into a darkened practice room to tune up before a lesson. I’m paying for this, not a parent and I want every bit of thirty minutes to count and I always pre-tuned at home a mile away.

This is not a bad story. I did get him a chronology of his favorite band before I quit. Now I have a really good folk guitar that I keep hydrated, a keyboard to help me figure things out because I read a piano better than I read a guitar. I’m not a musician, had to go to the mall instead and quit everything to be a kid.

The celebrated Western singer Juni Fisher approved my choice of guitar, a Seagull. Don’t tell anyone but we all sang Beatles Rock Band together once.

I wake up with a different song in my heart every morning and tend to sing it for a moment or two. Today I fused John Denver with The Eagles. I didn’t sing it out loud.

You, you, you are the sunshine…. from legendary PPM, we could use some of that sunshine here! Dee



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