Sometimes my husband buys me flowers. It’s not often so it means something when he brings them home to me.

One could say that my job is to make his job/life easier. This week, so far I’ve made him Pedernales chili and Jacques Pepin’s Lamb Robert and bathed the dog.

My husband is known as the “human tornado” for what he does leaving wet towels, water everywhere and a mess whenever he enters the kitchen. He can also fix my computer and any electrical problem in a heartbeat. When we go on a trip I manage packing all clothing and the dog – he deals with electronics including laptops, cell phones and chargers. He always does the last sweep of home and hotel to make sure we have everything as another set of eyes is always an asset.

A few weeks ago we actually went out to the movies (sorry Netflix, Amazon) and saw Saving Mr. Banks. I was moved by it. While I continue to enhance my cooking repertoire for the person I love most, he bought me a precious gift.

It is an out-of-print book he had sent from London. The Complete Mary Poppins.

In this day of reality shows that really show the tawdry side of life, women who want a man who would not think years later to buy a Mary Poppins for his wife need a wake-up call.

Get an education, get a job. Be thoughtful for yourself and your family. Gals, it’s all about the inner beauty, intelligence and strength. From an old married gal, I married someone I like to sit with at breakfast and talk about the news and family updates. If all you want is one night, that’s what you’ll get. If you want a lifetime perhaps a Mary Poppins will come your way……. Dee

ps Look for a Mary Poppins always. She’s there in so many people you already know.


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