democratic systems

Thank goodness they were in place. Only a fraction of the legislation I let go or wrote got by the other party/house. I was 21 and learning every day. Only my talents as a brain and quick learner of subjects got me in to this job that would now be deemed paid far below the poverty level for seven days, 14 hours per day work work work.

I was rich in colleagues and friends and actually got a vacation every year, something I haven’t seen in decades. I was writing laws for millions of people. Now that I think back I didn’t have the wisdom of the past or ideas and foresight for the future.

Today, I’ve both wisdom and foresight and the ability to get things done. Unfortunately, kiddos, I won’t do it for peanuts even if I can get myself to Greece and Italy on how little you pay. Let’s just say that now that you want me, you can’t afford me. Oh, how I love to say that.

When everyone else wanted to go home to their families, they sent Dee to find out when a bill was coming up on the floor and call a teammate to come in. Party or baby shower? Dee will arrange it, collect the money and choose and purchase the gift. Stay overnight at the office? Call Dee. Pay raise? Well, T has kids and so does A and J. Sorry, we can only get you another $200. Can you handle things until 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday? We all have lives.

Now I’m in another democratic system where as our dog grows older she’s less forgiving and more demanding. Sounds like my husband as well. Dee gets the breakfast and dinner and morning and afternoon walks and will get up several times per night to put the dog back up on the bed. Nothing has changed except I’m no longer paid and do not go to Italy or Greece any more.

Yesterday I read a LinkedIn invitation to compete for a volunteer board spot to raise money for an educational institution across the country. I’ve done that but would not move across the country to do it. Boards don’t want to raise money, that’s why they hire development people and executive directors. It’s beneath them, so why are they trying to “hire” someone to work for nothing for an organization they don’t know or believe in?

See, wise and with forethought. Even old dogs can learn new tricks. Dee



2 responses to “democratic systems

  1. I’m afraid my old man Dorian may be entering the final stage…
    His never-robust appetite is flagging & he’s had intermittent spells of regurgitation. I’m now making him small portions of KD soup which seems to be working better “so far”. When I can see in his eyes that this life no longer gives him any pleasure, it will be “time”. As I keep repeating to P, one day YOU’LL be old & decrepit too.

    • So sorry to hear about Dorian. It’s a difficult decision and you have to be there for it – I’ve made Jim promise he’d be there with me for Z. Have another vet come to the fore when you decide it’s time and just be there. It’s kidneys if he’s on KD, my old dog was on that as well for a while. She led a good life after abuse and shelter and me rescuing her for ten years. So does Dorian. You’re the expert and know when to make the call. We’ll all be old and decrepit, that’s life, kiddo.

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