I got this done after six months, and it took a woman’s life to make it happen. I hope her family knows that we care and want safe streets.

The paint is now fading and I don’t know if it will ever be repainted.

One day I told someone that we almost got hit on the new crosswalk and that it was a dark day, indeed. The next day some one stopped and I waved hello and thank you. The next day I saw him and said someone actually stopped for us! He said “I know, it was me.”

Today a police car stopped for us in “my” crosswalk. Thanks ma’am, for making our neighborhood a safer place to live. Supercalifragilisticexpedaladociously, Dee


One response to “Crosswalk

  1. Early this morning dog and I were nearly halfway across the new crosswalk when a black and white police car came toward us and stopped. Thank you Officer/ma’am/nice lady. This old lady and old dog appreciate that you stopped for us as no-one else does. Dee

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