Changing Spaces

Yes, I did again. First the garage was ruining the paint on my lovely old car. Then I was against a cement wall and had to pull back blind and my parking neighbors kept parking over the line, taking two expensive spaces and not allowing me access to my car.

Then I was told, as an adult, the worst news ever. “Their parents pay for them to live here.” That was enough. I moved, next to a gorgeous car and new neighbor I just met. I drove a Jag across country for my parents in 1989 and all the midwest service station owners would say is “right nice car you got ma’am.” I had to stockpile oil and transmission fluid and check everything before hitting the road. All I could get on the road was gas, and for that, to keep from getting any gas on the paint with two tanks, I stopped once and filled up, went 100 miles and filled up the other and rotated the two.

To say a pre-2004 Jaguar purred like a cat does not do it justice. I loved that car and my sister rolled it off the freeway (it rolled over twice) and climbed out the sun roof unscathed except from bruises from her seat belt. At least she was wearing that. But that purr is almost as good as I got from my two cats.

One year I got the cats a polartec blanket for the holidays. They hated each other so I’d get under the blanket, one would get underneath and the other on top then I’d get out and go to work five minutes later. They thought I was keeping them warm and comfy and it was each other. Purr……..

Enough about that. I hate to be an old fart but if your parents are paying for one parking space and you try to take two, have them spring for the second space. Or have them buy another smaller car to live next to your Lexus, if they have the money. I know that if you’re not earning money and have never known the value of a dollar earned, you will never treat anyone else decently. Try getting a job sometime. It’ll teach you a lot about people and money and whether you can cut it in the world or have to live off your parents for the rest of your life.

Thus I found myself a new space. Parking space, that is. Long story but a good one. To everything there is a season. I will definitely take care of my parking neighbor’s Jaguar. Purrs, Dee


One response to “Changing Spaces

  1. Now my dear neighbors are next to me in my new space, for a week, and I was questioned by staff as to how I got the permanent space. It was assigned because the losers next to me always parked on or over the line and I pay good money to live here and park here and having to crawl in over my dog’s bed and undo a cargo net and clamber over leather seats to finally place my arthritic body behind the steering wheel is something I will not tolerate. Their behavior will not change because their parents are paying for them to live and park here.

    I offered to our neighbor to get a temporary space for a week while their space is being worked on, because we’re friends and there’s a disability, or even move to my husband’s space during weekdays. With no help from the accusatory staff, we neighbors have worked it out. Here’s to good neighbors!

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