and the South, of course. Of late I’ve availed myself of other than my treasured cookbooks, gone back to at least my husband’s old favorites and become in a cooking rut.

I love to learn new-to-me recipes from people like Trisha Yearwood and Ree Drummond as they seem to really cook and have a passion for new and old family recipes. My husband is born & bred Texas, a farm boy who loves his meat and potatoes.

He was sick last weekend and recuperating after a long week so I’d like to make him a surprise. Yesterday I tried Trisha’s biscuits and though I’m a trained cook they didn’t turn out so well. They taste great but I had to use buttermilk powder and that may not have worked. The flour and veg shortening came together well but I had to add extra milk. They kind of looked like hockey pucks.

Immediately after they cooled I placed them in a sealed bag in the freezer. What I plan to do for breakfast is a toasted (unfrozen) biscuit with a sausage patty and egg, with cream gravy.

Thanks to this morning’s show with Ree I know making white gravy is as easy as falling off a horse – I know because been there, done that. And I make bechamel a few times a year, but hopefully “Pickles” is finally gone now after decades and throwing me across a creek then tossing me into a sandbox and running home, sending a dinner party to see if I was OK while only my pride was struck, and I never rode again.

A lifelong animal lover who worked over 20 years in shelters and spay/neuter clinics horses sense my fear. I did get over it this past year in part, petting the largest horse I’ve ever met, a Percheron. Percherons were sent into war because they were so large and intimidating. Next is getting me to ride a horse. Perhaps this year.

Hopefully my husband won’t read this today because we have to get two things today, a utensil (under $5) that I’ve wanted for years, and raw frozen dog food. OK, then I’m going for groceries alone.

For dinner, I’m taking him back to TX with my first-ever chicken fried steak, my garlic mashed potatoes, and perhaps an arugula salad with grated black beet on top with a vinaigrette to be named later. Ree, let me hit a home run on this one.

A tip for cooks everywhere. You’ll probably see staff in the produce department. Ask them questions. Get to know your butchers (I can’t get to know my fishmongers because my husband is deathly allergic to anything that swims so I can’t even cook fish at home). If there is a cheese department get to know them and your shopping will be easy. You’ll only have to go into the inner aisles for things like olive oil, rice, soy sauce, jam, flour and sugar.

For those who celebrate Easter, and every reader, enjoy this day. Dee



7 responses to “Texas

  1. Perhaps it’s the winter blahs as the weather keeps going from 50 to 20 and snow. From now on Mother Nature has to give me a hard date from when I stop making hearty stews and making asparagus and actually see buds on the trees. D

  2. Our asparagus is late this year but I’m picking it almost daily now.
    Ree’s cooking for cowboys in north eastern Oklahoma is no different than cooking for cowboys in north eastern Texas. The food she cooks for the girls, well she did live in California for a while, what can I say?

  3. Ah, now you’re getting into fruit and nut category, M (California). Results are in the next post. J tried to call but didn’t get you. Happy Easter!

  4. Well I know for a fact that Mr Champers will take good care of you, if you’ll just come down & climb aboard! (I even have a handy mounting block in the round pen)

  5. Thanks, Val! I might need the mounting block for arthritis and steal it so Zoe doesn’t need me to get her back up on the bed three times a night! Mr. Champers sounds like a good name. No need to check the lineage because the offending Pickles was a Shetland pony. D

  6. My butchers are now giving me their new house-smoked bacon for tastings. Of course I bring them Beef Carbonnade and Pedernales Chili to taste. Tomorrow I’ll cook up some of their curried bacon. Hey, their cinnamon sugar bacon sounded gross but blew my mind in its deliciousness. And no, you can’t have the address of my butchers. Thanks for asking. D

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