Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane

We knew she vanished somewhere. Sometimes we got mail from all places, disconsolate spaces where children were sad and parents were well-intentioned.

He played the piano, and we sang along, I thought that my harmonies would always belong.

Mary came to visit, another street, it was our own and a great place to meet. She placed me together with mentors and friends, we all played ball and stayed ’til the end.

The end has come for one of our friends. Let us remember him as a kind gent. He gave us whimsy and science and nice, let us give our friend his own kind of spice.

Radio chatter is not my game, SOS is all that I can avail, but this was a master the Navy says too, farewell MB and we all love you. To Mrs. MB and Don, Dee

PS Don, I’ll have to work on the lyrics, this came from the heart.


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