Mentors and Nice Pets

Let’s start. We’re nice pets to have. I was very upset when I started our taxes and we were getting money back. Then we got the second W-2 after the company changed hands and we owed money. I thought there was a horrible mistake, then I went through the 100 questions and figured it out.

We pay a lot to live here, if we had kids they’d be off to college or if younger, in private school if we could afford it. Otherwise our kids would be going into a sub-par school district. We pay a lot and don’t use the service so we’re a good pet to have around. So shave a couple hundred dollars off the taxes we already gave you and we’re good to go.


As to mentors, of course there were my parents. Still my Dad (Mom’s gone nearly 6 years now). I never thought I had any but they are there throughout my life. Even as a kid I knew I didn’t want to vacuum in pouffed hair, a dress and heels but Mom was smart.

Other than parents, before I was eight I’d gotten two mentors, MR and GG. Both were educated men who taught me about science, radios, philosophy, psychology and more. MR allowed me and my little sister to come over once a year to watch Dorothy change the world to color with all the Munchkins and go to Emerald City. GG taught me the word triskadekaphobia which means fear of the number thirteen.

MR died recently. It’s good that we got to see each other a few years ago. I know he led a good life with wife and family. I’ve had other male and female mentors to be spoken of later. Right now my thoughts are with our old neighborhood and friends. I wasn’t allowed to cross the next street so our street had seven homes on it so as far as mentors were concerned, I was blessed.

Dad would be called on every night for two-base softball in our back yard or touch football in the street and everyone, all the girls, played because that was his rule. When it was dark everyone went home and slept soundly. The street will never be the same. MR, I don’t know what your handle was but may it be retired in your name, sir. Dee



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