Neighbors. I always envision them coming to me for a cup of sugar. I don’t bake, but do cook, and never have 25 lbs. of sugar on hand. But nobody asks me. It’s urban America and few neighbors want to actually meet and get to know each other. I’ve made more acquaintances here at a dog event where my dog aced every cerebral event and turned up her nose at dunking for hot dogs. A Yorkie did it and she gave up her snout to water and a chunk of hot dog. Whoopie!

When I was ten my class went to the local radio station on a field trip. On our way out we were each given a random “single.” Mine was “Sugar, Sugar.” Oh honey honey, you are my candy girl…. It was my first record and I’d like to thank the DJ who gave it to me. The station only gave them to us because they were old and they wouldn’t need them anymore.

Music was always a theme in my life because my father started his younger years as a violinist and music teacher. My first single I purchased with my fifty cent allowance was Mother and Child Reunion. I read that this name was based on a Chinese restaurant dish but was about Paul Simon’s dog who had died.

My first album was Three Dog Night, One is the Loneliest Number was my favorite dirge at the time. That was stolen from me weeks later. Oh, well, my memories are still intact. Dee


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