Paying it Forward

Forget about early this morning. My husband dropped me a a local drycleaner/shop to mend a pocket and clean his trousers and I was to walk home. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up dinner and started the walk back.

On one block I was halfway across the street when this driver sped up and threatened to kill me. I yelled “STOP!” I am older than his mother and had a heavy bag of groceries and he was going well over the speed limit to come up upon me that way.

He turned the corner, put down all the windows and said every swear word I’ve heard in the past 20 years, all at once, while saying that I had no right to be in the street and that he had no f-ing stop sign. I sure hope he doesn’t talk to his mother in that tone of voice or with as many expletives.

It got better. I moved a lot as a kid. My husband and I know moving and have become experts at it every few years as he moves up in the world.

Perhaps someday someone will pay it forward to us. I’m not counting on it. I like to make dinner for a new neighbor who’s coming in, hopefully I’m already making a casserole like lasagne and they can just throw it in their oven and keep supervising the movers and unpacking.

Tonight I helped someone who was moving out of the neighborhood. He needed a set of Allen wrenches and I asked “standard or metric?” Well, when he returned them 1/2 hour later he brought a lovely bottle of French wine as a thank-you. Otherwise he would have been gone two hours to buy the tools that were probably already on the moving truck.

One thing I stick by, even though people remove it before new residents take their place is toilet paper. I always leave a roll in each bathroom because I know what it’s like to be sipping diet Coke and water for 8 hours and finally get to a new home.

I know how to expertly tape a box and the importance of uniformity of boxes on the truck, especially to keep dirt and dust out on an ABF truck which are now insulated so a tarp doesn’t have to go down first. Also, a well-used professional tape dispenser saves hours, especially if there’s enough embedded tape on  the cutter that it’s just a wrist snap away. Carpal tunnel, no but arthritis, yes.

Labeling is key. Home, Car, Storage (like AWD tires in the winter and Snows in summer), et al in colors with a letter. Then I always label by room and have post-it’s for every door. MBR, LR, Den, et al. We always take dog food, picnic food and OTC drugs like Ibuprofen in a box in the car. Along with the dog on her 4″ orthopedic bed, of course; not that she’s spoiled.

We moved once with a museum curator taking care of the art, a lawyer with furniture coverings, and other experts. The curator told me to leave her alone so I only made lemonade and snacks for our captives. She would be pleased to know that I’ve had many things framed over the years and may even approve, even though none are 3-D.

As I see it, life is always an adventure. It is always a joy to meet new people from different places and expand our horizons. Cheers, Dee


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