Bacon and Butchers

Over the past few months we’ve take on a bacon odyssey, which is apt as I did once sail the seas of Odysseus.

My husband started with Black Forest, which looked ugly to me, a cooking school grad, but tasted delicious. Recently our Whole Foods Market has started making bacon and we’ve been trying the new varieties.

Many are sliced on the #2 blade width which most people would see as 1/4″ and they have to go in a pan, cooked slowly. No microwaving this bacon, it’s too darned good! When your bacon is good and done, drain it but save the drippings for other uses. What? Potatoes rosti and others. That’s another post.

Now our Whole Foods is not just drying beef, it’s making bacon. So far we’ve tried the Black Forest (great), Maple, Savory which are very good, and now the Cinnamon.

Yesterday I told my favorite butchers that I saw Bobby Flay on TV putting cinnamon on bacon. I just thought that was crazy. Then my butchers said they had a cinnamon bacon now and would I like a slice to take home. Yes. I cooked it for my husband this morning and had a bite. Heaven.

I want to ask them to call it “Je ne sais quoi” bacon which pretty much means don’t ask what’s in it, just taste it and you’ll have that bacon vibe you can’t get enough of anywhere, at any time.

That’s how I grew up. My aunt was an English teacher who catered in summer, mainly for us as we had to throw two parties a week for donors and lecturers or musicians, writers et al. Aunt L’s rule was to taste first, ask ingredients later.

That’s how I came to love Roquefort cheese and other items. Cinnamon and bacon. Go figure. I knew what was in it and tried it anyway. Thank you Aunt L and my butchers. I am the only person who brings in meat to our butchers that I’ve transformed for them to taste, be it chili or beef carbonnade.

Thanks to everyone at WF from produce to meat to deli and cheese. As we’ve moved around the country, you’ve always been in our lives. OK I confess, whenever we’ve moved, it has always been a short distance of WF. That is a component of our relocation strategy. Thanks for the cinnamon bacon! Cheers, Dee


2 responses to “Bacon and Butchers

  1. Mmmm-mmmm, we remain firmly entrenched in our thick-sliced Applewood Wright brand bacon habit…

  2. I thought you were vegetarian! I now make my version of Lady Bird Johnson’s Pedernales Chili. It is very good and I choose and grind my own meat. There are no beans in MY Texas chili. xoxo Dee

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