Cliente non e Importante

In Italian this means the clients are not good enough for the owner or staff to recognize and while we may wish to custom order shirts for my husband, the owner spent his time with a guy in the store (not the dressing room) trying on sweaters from the sale rack.

Yes, this is a store for clothing for men. I went yesterday and there were no customers so the owner spent a few moments with me so I could show the store to my husband this weekend for possibilities. He tested me on Italy to make sure I could afford to purchase their goods. Today, he dismissed us and made a big mistake.

We left after he spent time with the sweater guy. Maybe sweater guy spent $100 in the end, maybe not. He turned away a customer who may have ordered custom shirts, slacks, designer ties. He just lost a mint as we walked out.

I like to think of the millionaires in the world (no we are not) driving up in a 15 year-old Ford 150 pickup and wearing cowboy clothes. At first, no-one knows who they are. They are treated badly. I can tell you I’d have clothes tailored and measure both of us and bring things in to try rather than go through that routine. If that was our life I’d like to try it sometime. Wish I had my old Jeep Wrangler. I could probably buy it back because I loved that Jeep.

For years we lived in one of the premier ski towns in the USA. On Main Street the clothier treated us like gold before we ever bought anything, and did so during the years we lived there. He knows us today and would welcome us with open arms.

Now we live in a dying/dead city and a pretentious clothing purveyor needed to question me about Italy in order to get us in (I surpassed him and would with art as well) then dismissed us the next day.

It’s not about clothing, it’s about attitude. In the Rockies I was a person, in a rust belt town I’m nothing. Something to think about as you’re a big fish in a small pond..

Dear Mr. III, the third, the chosen one to own the store, what is in the first room in the Ufizzi? I’ll bet you don’t know. I do and don’t spend my life in mens’ fashion but just want to make my husband look good, and we’ll not be back. Thanks for trying to make us look small, you only did it to yourself. Dee


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